Friday, November 30, 2012

Hill Fort Kesroli, Alwar- One of the many weekends!!!

It's a Neemrana Group property. A typical Non-Hotel Hotel, as they call it. I have been to this place 4-5 times till now. It's a 14th century fort converted into a Non-Hotel Hotel. It is said that it is India's one of the oldest buildings which is still livable. The place has not much to offer to the people who love to party, roam around or like lot of activities when they travel. For me it's one of the places where I connect with myself, where I love to sit on the roof of the fort doing nothing or love to read all day. The place has a certain kind of ambience that calls you back. Another thing that I like about the place is a 14th century temple constructed by the same King in a nearby village. You can take the cycle from the fort and cycle your way thru the green feilds. Early morning is the best to this as you can be part of the first aarti.

Lot of people I have met said that there is nothing much to do and no activities around but probably that's the only reason I go to this place!!!!

Road distance from Gurgaon to Kesroli is 140 Kms. Its a good drive all the way. 

Road Map to reach Kesroli from Delhi/Gurgaon :-

Hill Fort, Kesroli, Rajathan

Contact number to Check Availability and Book rooms at Neemrana's Hill Fort Kesroli- 011 4666 1666


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